"Wellcome" to Forensics

    May 24, 2019 10:00
    Central Community Centre, 26 Lindum Street, Scunthorpe

    “WELLCOME” TO FORENSICS – is a six week programme with one three hour session per week, from 24th May 2019 for six weeks. It is free for adult members of the public and is funded through the Wellcome Trust and WEA. We have already run two of these programmes, the first one in Huddersfield and the other in Leicester, the feedback from people who attended is excellent. Both events were full within a very short time so if you would like to attend please register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. This is a one off chance to have fun and do something really interesting.

    The venue for the programme will be Central Community Centre, 26 Lindum Street, Scunthorpe, DN15 6QU, the final session will include a visit to Think Forensic’s unique crime centre in Huddersfield (transport provided). Each session will run from 10am to 1pm however the final session will be slightly longer. If you do want to enrol you must be prepared to make your own way to Central Community Centre each week and must sign up to all six sessions.

    The sessions will be run by Think Forensic’s staff so you will meet and talk to Forensic scientists, CSI’s, senior investigating officers and crime investigation officers all of whom have worked in the field.

    Each week we will look at a different topic and we have put a basic outline of the programme below, however we may change this depending on our staff availability.

    Session 1 – Introduction to Course & Forensics – 24th May 2019

    Session 2 – Forensic Techniques & the Science Behind Them – 31st May 2019

    Session 3 – Witnesses & Interview Skills – 7th June 2019

    Session 4 – Anthropology, Entomology & Archaeology – 14th June 2019

    Session 5 – Forensic Psychology & Profiling – 21st June 2019

    Session 6 – Culmination of Course – Crime Scene Investigation & Evidence Analysis – 28th June 2019

    This final session will see you examining crime scenes including identifying, recording, collecting and packaging evidence authentically. Liaising between teams with radios to pass on relevant information and once scenes are processed you will analyse the evidence and decide on courses of action and investigation to solve the crime.

    Please register your interest via Eventbrite. You must be able to attend all 6 sessions and must be able to travel to DN15 6QU.

    *Please note, once you have registered your interest via Eventbrite, we will contact you for more information. Unfortunately we cannot confirm your place until we have received this information from you.

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