Devastated Lincolnshire villagers return to flood-hit homes

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People living in Ruskington made desperate attempts to save their valuables when floodwater surrounded their bungalows and started to seep inside.

As previously reported, firefighters rushed to Westcliffe Road on Tuesday, October 1, where the beck behind a row of bungalows had breached.

The whole county has been on flood alert for the last week but this quiet street has felt the brunt of the heavy and persistent rains.

Things were beginning to return to normal on Wednesday, October 2, but sandbags were everywhere, large puddles were still in the gardens and precious belongings have been ruined.

People have been evacuated from their homes. Photo: Lincolnshire Police Drones

Jean and Roy Allen with sandbags at their front door. Photo: Connor Creaghan for Lincolnshire Reporter

Jean, 79, and Roy Allen, 77, spent the night at their son’s house in Sudbrooke but visited their bungalow on Wednesday to start cleaning up.

“I was trying really hard to keep the water out,” Jean told Lincolnshire Reporter. “I just kept mopping but I just could not keep up with it.

“Roy eventually told me that it was pointless. We started lifting anything we could off of the floor but so much has been ruined.

Roy got pictures of his wife trying to mop up the water. Photo: Connor Creaghan for Lincolnshire Reporter

“It is devastating to see. We have seen the garden flood before but it has never got inside in the bungalow before.”

She added that the floodwater got up to about eight inches.

Just a few bungalows down, Norman Hipkiss and Linda Bunn, who are both in their 60s, told a similar story of devastation.

Jean pointing out where the flood water came up to. Photo: Connor Creaghan for Lincolnshire Reporter

Norman said: “It was around lunchtime when I got a phone call from Linda, she said ‘the water is starting to come inside the bungalow.’

“The water got up to about nine to ten inches and has ruined a lot of our things.

“We don’t know what happened but it was like the floodwater rose from the ground. The entire bungalow has been ruined.

Norman Hipkiss and Linda Bunn outside their home. Photo: Connor Creaghan for Lincolnshire Reporter

Norman Hipkiss and Linda Bunn’s conservatory is still dripping with water. Photo: Connor Creaghan for Lincolnshire Reporter

“The flood has been devastating really, we were desperately trying to get our furniture and any valuables we had off of the floor.”

Many on the street wanted to praise the work of the fire crews who used manpower and pumps to save their homes.

The emergency services handed out sandbags. Photo: Connor Creaghan for Lincolnshire Reporter

There have been warnings in place from the Environment Agency in Boston and Gainsborough and police have asked people to avoid Westcliffe Road in Ruskington, Station Road in Potterhanworth and the A153, where the Billinghay Skirth was spilling into the carriageway.

The garden is still completely flooded. Photo: Connor Creaghan for Lincolnshire Reporter

Photo: Connor Creaghan for Lincolnshire Reporter

Yesterday, while the high tides passed by without incident in Boston, a local school evacuated its students due to a flood warning. It appears, however, the call to evacuate was fake.

Station Road in Potterhanworth has been closed underneath the railway bridge for days, but despite the warnings, a few have been caught out while attempting to cross the deep water.

Mike Richardson said he was lucky enough to not be flooded. Photo: Connor Creaghan for Lincolnshire Reporter

Current Lincolnshire flood alerts


  • River Trent at Beckingham Marsh, Gainsborough


  • River Trent from Cromwell Weir to Gainsborough
  • Rase and Upper Ancholme
  • Lincoln Watercourse
  • Witham in North Kesteven
  • Minor Watercourses in North Kesteven
  • Lower River Witham
  • East and West Fens
  • Areas near the tidal River Witham, the Haven, and the Wash frontage
  • Minor Watercourses of South Forty Foot Drain
  • East and West Glens

Click here for the full details and flooding alert updates.

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