Council summons 40 people to court over littering

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Boston Borough Council has summoned 40 people to court so far this year over littering issues – with many ending up with £500 or more to pay after dodging initial penalties.

Councillor David Brown told members of the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership at Lincolnshire County Council today (Thursday) that the authority’s name and shame campaign had put out a clear message.

He said: “We have exercised a campaign of naming and shaming people for anything from dropping a fag end in the town centre to fly-tipping to dog fouling.

He said 40 people had failed to pay an initial fixed penalty notice of £75 so far this year and almost all had been taken to magistrates’ court because of it.

Only two of those summoned had not been dealt with in court.

“Now their fine is on average over £500 and they got a record, and their name in the paper.

“So the message is clear, if you commit this kind of offence we will find you, we will catch you and we will prosecute you.”

He added that the council would also be carrying on with a scheme of covert surveillance, which sees it hide mini cameras in the branches of trees in lay-bys in order to catch fly-tippers.

Partnership chairman praised the success and added that it was encouraging to see magistrates ‘upping the levels of fines for fly-tipping’.

“We put a lot of money in to try and catch this stuff and stop this happening only to have a lot of people turn up and get lower fines.

“It’s good to see that’s changed,” he told those present.

Councillor Brown has previously warned people not to think that if they dropped litter or spat in the street, they would not be pursued.

He said: “The council does not receive any of this money from the courts – this is not about making money; this is about making people less likely to litter so we can keep the town looking clean and tidy.”

The full list of people who have been dealt with by magistrates are:

Failed to pay fine for littering, fined £220 with £250 costs and £30 surcharge:

  • Laura Duoblyte, Castle Square, Boston;
  • Paul Featherstone, Broadfield Lane, Boston;
  • Artur Malek, Riverside, Boston;
  • Mandy Grant, Senior Close, Chapple Hill Marina, Caravan Park, Lincoln;
  • Alan Jones, Senior Close, Chapple Hill Marina, Caravan Park, Lincoln;
  • Aleksejs Novikovs, Tower Road, Boston;
  • Tomas Danilaitis, Norfolk Street, Boston;
  • Szczepan Warchol, Pulvertoft Lane, Boston;
  • Kremena Georgieva, Tower Road, Boston;
  • Cristian Gherhes, Wide Bargate, Boston;
  • Gheorghe Mirsanu, Musician Mews, Kirton;
  • Betty Maltby, Tower View Hirsington, Woodhall Spa;
  • Jaroslaw Majer, Trinity Street, Boston;
  • Mihai Costia, Trafalgar Place, Boston.

Failed to pay fine for littering, fined £220 with £252 costs and £30 surcharge:

  • Vickie Barton, Jubilee Avenue, Boston;
  • Vasile Popa, Pulvertoft Lane, Boston;
  • Emilia Kaminsky, St Bedes, Boston;
  • Amy Newcombe, Fulney Avenue, Spalding;
  • Cristian Burcea, West Street, Boston.
  • Sebastian Mocny, High Street, Boston
  • Robert Panaite, Skirbeck Road, Boston
  • Abbie Watson, Ingelow Avenue, Boton
  • Mihair Vrabie, Pulvertoft Lane, Boston.

Failed to pay for spitting, fined £220 with £250 costs and £30 surcharge:

  • Renars Rasins, Oxford Street, Boston;
  • Emar Dadaci, Trafalgar Place, Boston;
  • Ruslan Berlixovs, Granville Street, Boston;
  • Lukas Draginas, Fydell Crescent, Boston;
  • Agris Kozlovskis, Granville Street, Boston;
  • Lukasz Zehner, Manor Gardens, Boston.

Failed to pay for spitting, fined £220 with £252 costs and £30 surcharge:

  • Dima Sinicen, Hartley Street, Boston;
  • Mihai Vrabie, Pulvertoft Lane, Boston;
  • Adrian Wolanski, Fenside Road, Boston.
  • Emar Dadaci, Trafalgar Place, Boston, also littering, £220, no costs, £30.
  • Sabrina Zukowska, Trinity Street, Boston, also littering,  £100, £252, £30
  • Miroslav Adamovic, High Street, Boston,  also littering, £100, £252, £30.
  • Callam Evans, Chapple Road, Ingoldmells,  littering, £100, £252, £30.
  • Sebastian Sieinski, Red Lion Street, Boston, also littering £220, no costs, £30

Failed to clean up after a dog, fined £40, £252 costs, £30 victim surcharge:

  • Lukas Vainorius, Albion Terrace, Boston.

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