North Lincolnshire

North Lincolnshire Council set for for 5.99% council tax rise

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Residents in North Lincolnshire are set for a 5.99% increase in council tax.

It comes as North Lincolnshire Council announced its budget plan, which will go before full council on Thursday, March 1.

The proposals include a general council tax increase set at 2.99% and an adult social care precept of 3% for 2018/19.

The amount is the maximum councils can increase tax by without the need for a referendum.

In its report, the council said it would be “making full use” of the flexibility to increase council tax by 3%.

It will keep general council tax at 2.99% for the remainder of the lifetime of the plans set out by the Communities Secretary Sajid Javid, according to council papers.

Residents without a disability who are part of the council tax support scheme will now have to pay 50% of their bill, up from 23% previously.

North Lincolnshire Council will also be part of a pilot scheme to retain full business rates along with other Lincolnshire district authorities.

This means that the council will keep 100% of business rates paid locally in 2018/19.

As part of the scheme, the council will not receive any revenue support grant or rural service delivery grant for the forthcoming financial year.