Daredevil films himself doing handstand on Humber Bridge

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A Polish man performed a daring handstand at the top of the Humber Bridge before publishing a gut-churning video of the acrobatic feat online.

He attached himself to a cord and illegally ascended the bridge using just his hands and feet to hang on before the stunt.

A Polish man performs a daring handstand stunt on Humber Bridge to raise funds to try save a young girl’s life. Photo: BNT YouTube Channel.

Unfazed by the risk of slipping, the vlogger makes himself a herbal tea atop the 500 foot high bridge structure before turning to the camera a saying, “beautiful English morning”.

The man, who wears a hooded coat and sunglasses to hide his identity, posted the 15-minute video clip to YouTube under his tag BNT, which has 85,000 subscribers, and he hopes “everyone will donate 100PLN”.

He says in the video a four-year-old Vanessa Walusz is fighting a rare brain disease in Poland and needs treatment in Mexico costing 700,000 Polish Zloty to help save her life.

A Polish man prepares to do a daring handstand stunt on the Humber Bridge. Photo: BNT YouTube Channel.

The stunt could yet land him in hot water after a spokesperson for the Humber Bridge Board said: “We are aware of the incident and are undertaking a full investigation.

“The Humber Bridge Board has a zero-tolerance policy towards people who illegally climb the bridge.

“We have successfully prosecuted previous offenders and will not hesitate to prosecute again when necessary.”