Gainsborough policeman to cycle over 1k miles for his grandson diagnosed with cystic fibrosis

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A Lincolnshire Police inspector will cycle over 1,000 miles across Europe to raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust after his grandson was diagnosed with the condition.

Dave Edwards, from Gainsborough, will travel 1,250 miles through Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland before crossing the Alps over the St Gotthard’s Pass and arriving in Rome, all within 18 days.

Inspector Dave Edwards with Assistant Chief Constable Shaun West

He will set off on Thursday, July 20 hopes to be outside the Colosseum by August 7.

Dave said: “I now know that CF is a life limiting condition, the main symptom of which, is a build-up of a thick mucus in the lungs and digestive system.

“People with the condition are particularly susceptible to lung infections.

“Edward is only four-months-old so is still being assessed in how the condition will affect him.

“Inevitably when a member of your own family is affected by something so serious you become focused on supporting them as much as you can.

“I want to raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust which is dedicated to creating a brighter future for everyone with the condition to help them live long and healthy lives unaffected by the condition.

“I’m also 50 this year so as a keen cyclist I have decided to cycle to Rome to raise funds for the trust and hopefully help my little grandson along the way.”

To donate towards Dave’s charity ride, click here.

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