Fury as police officer assaulted while people stood by and filmed the attack

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A Lincolnshire Police officer has described how people “stood and watched” her being attacked in the street in Skegness.

The incident is believed to have happened on Tuesday, July 18 in Skegness, where PC Sally West was assaulted whilst arresting someone for being drunk and disorderly.

The constable went to social media to air her disappointment at the public, who “just stood by watching and filming” while she was assaulted.

Barry James Wright, 47, of no fixed abode, has been charged with being drunk and disorderly in a public place and assaulting a constable.

He will appear before Boston Magistrates on August 9.

Social media users were quick to condemn the actions of the attacker, and the onlookers.

Steve O’Dare said: “So sorry to hear that. Those that stood and watched should take a long hard look at themselves!”

Hildreds Skegness added: “Sorry to hear this. I can guarantee we would not have stood around watching we would definitely had helped if we we had seen you in need.”

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