‘There’s too much EU law’, says senior Lincolnshire county councillor

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The UK should make cutting red tape and bureaucracy from Europe a key priority once it leaves the European Union, the county councillor in charge of economic development in Lincolnshire has claimed.

Councillor Colin Davie said that Leave voters in Lincolnshire and the rest of the country would not accept remaining within the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and retaining the principle of freedom of movement.

He said: “The people voted on June 23 last year for Brexit. They voted to leave and that means leaving the institutions of Europe.

“That means the issues around freedom of movement, around European courts – we have to leave all those institutions.

“There’s no reason why a court somewhere else should be making laws over our people. Absolutely no reason at all.”

When asked which EU laws in particular he did not agree with, Councillor Davie added: “I just think it’s the bureaucracy and the red tape quite honestly.

“Our Supreme Court is more than capable of handling any decision necessary in this country.

“What we need is a less bureaucratic society, one where businesses can flourish without too much imposition.”

Watch Councillor Davie’s live chat on the Lincolnshire Reporter Facebook page above, where he talks about everything from tourism to agriculture, to the DUP and even Donald Trump.

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