Spalding killer teen lovers who murdered mum and daughter named after court ruling

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Following a hearing at the Court of Appeal, two of Britain’s youngest killers, convicted of the murders of Elizabeth and Katie Edwards in Spalding in April 2016, can now be named.

Teenagers Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham were found guilty of the murders of the Spalding mother and daughter, after planning the killings weeks before.

Detective Superintendent Martin Holvey head of EMSOU Major Crime said: “The judges have ruled that there is a strong public interest in the full facts of this exceptional case being known, meaning that Lucas Markham and Kim Edwards can now be named.

Kim Edwards plotted with her boyfriend to kill her mother and sister

“The murders of Elizabeth and Katie Edwards were horrific and brutal and the whole country shared a sense of shock that two juveniles, who were only 14 years old at the time, could have carried out such a horrendous act.


“I’m sure that sense of disbelief and horror will be deepened now it is known that it was Elizabeth’s own daughter who was responsible for plotting with her boyfriend to carry out the murders.

“Evidence heard in court that was previously restricted can now be reported. These include details about the behaviour and actions of Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham afterwards, which was chilling.

“They remained downstairs in the house, watching TV and eating food, whilst the bodies were upstairs. They showed no remorse at all when they were eventually found by officers and during their police interviews.

Lucas Markham carried out the brutal killings of his girlfriend’s mother and sister

“These new revelations about the case will undoubtedly focus attention on Spalding once again and I would like to repeat sentiments I have made earlier, thanking the community for their cooperation throughout the case and paying tribute to the courage of Elizabeth and Katie’s family.

“They have endured a terrible ordeal and faced the additional anguish of knowing that this horrific crime was committed by a family member.”

Take a look back at how the trial unfolded:

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