Newly re-elected Brigg & Goole MP Andrew Percy stands down as Northern Powerhouse minister

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Brigg and Goole MP Andrew Percy has decided to step down from his position as Northern Powerhouse minister, despite being offered the position again by the government.

The Conservative comfortably retained his parliamentary seat at the general election on June 8, increasing his majority to over 12,000.

He was appointed as Northern Powerhouse minister in July 2016.

He posted on his Instagram account: “Was a privilege to be asked to continue serving in my role in government as a minister, but I have reluctantly decided to step down and leave the government.

“I thank the prime minister for offering me this role again but I have decided to pursue other challenges.

“She continues to enjoy my full support from the backbenches.”

Speaking to Lincolnshire Reporter shortly after his re-election, Percy criticised the Labour Party’s campaign, claiming it was the most dishonest one he had ever seen, even comparing it to Donald Trump across the Atlantic.

He said: “I’m very sad actually that four out of 10 people in this country appear to have voted for Jeremy Corbyn.

“I think that’s dangerous.

“I’m very disappointed people have voted this way but of course people are never wrong so we accept the result.

“I backed Theresa May as leader. I thought she was the right person – I still think she’s the right person.

“She’s a good prime minister. She’s a genuinely nice woman and there’s not a lot of genuinely nice people in Parliament.”