Rewind: Greater Lincolnshire general election results 2017

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Rewind our coverage of the constituency results from across Greater Lincolnshire in the 2017 general election.


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8th June 2017 9:36pm

Our teams are getting on location. Here is the Grimsby Auditorium where the Great Grimsby and Cleethorpes results will be announced.

8th June 2017 9:39pm

Here is the Peter Paine Performance Centre in Boston where the Boston & Skegness results will be counted and announced.

8th June 2017 9:42pm

More counts are getting ready to start receiving ballot boxes from 10pm

8th June 2017 9:48pm

At the count at The Pods in Scunthorpe we will get the results for the Scunthorpe constituency, as well as for Brigg & Google.

8th June 2017 9:51pm

We’re also going to be bringing you video interviews with some of the key candidates. This is our little setup in Scunthorpe tonight.

8th June 2017 9:55pm

In Grimsby, the counters have arrived in the Auditorium and has been welcomed by the returning officer. They’re now waiting patiently for the first ballots to arrive from the polling stations.

8th June 2017 9:58pm

The first postal ballots have arrived in the counting hall in Grimsby

8th June 2017 9:58pm

All the counters are being briefed by the returning offer in Scunthorpe for the Brigg and Google and Scunthorpe counts. Supporters are also arriving.

8th June 2017 10:01pm


8th June 2017 10:04pm

First lot of postal boxes are arriving in Scunthorpe and the initial sorting is taking place.

8th June 2017 10:10pm


8th June 2017 10:11pm

Postal ballots are being verified in Grimsby

8th June 2017 10:16pm

Ballot boxes arrived in Boston too. The votes will be verified first to get a turnout figure.

8th June 2017 10:16pm

Meanwhile, in North Kesteven, they have a few more votes to count.

8th June 2017 10:23pm

The first boxes have just arrived in Scunthorpe. They will be verified shortly.

8th June 2017 10:26pm

The first set of ballot boxes from Grimsby and Cleethorpes from today have arrived.

8th June 2017 10:32pm

In Boston, ballot papers are quickly arriving and verification begins

8th June 2017 10:32pm


8th June 2017 10:36pm

Boxes are being verified in Scunthorpe. They are now being sorted into Brigg and Goole and Scunthorpe.

8th June 2017 10:42pm

Our team tonight:

Scunthorpe, Brigg & Goole counts

— Sam Pidoux & Lewis Foster

Great Grimsby, Cleethorpes counts

— Jarrad Johnson & Jack Surfleet

Boston & Skegness count

— Guy Owen & Sean Strange

Lincoln count

— Stefan Pidluznyj & Steve Smailes

Collating the results for you tonight is Managing Editor Daniel Ionescu.


8th June 2017 10:43pm

Check out all the action from the Lincoln count as well, where a tight race between Conservatives and Labour is expected


8th June 2017 10:46pm

Boston & Skegness count underway

8th June 2017 10:49pm

Scunthrope, Brigg & Goole counts underway

The Conservative candidate for Scunthorpe told us she won’t be speaking with the media tonight. She says she is too busy tonight with watching the counting.

There is also armed police guarding at the Pods tonight.

8th June 2017 10:56pm

The Lib Dems in Boston watching TV coverage. They are expected to win 14 seats tonight after the exit poll.

8th June 2017 10:58pm


8th June 2017 11:05pm

Newcastle is the first to be declared nationally and it’s Labour with a whopping 14,937 majority and a 67% turnout.

8th June 2017 11:18pm

The Lincolnite columnist Kate Taylor is also joining in with comments tonight on both our liveblogs.

Sunderland was just declared for Labour. “A safe seat though,” she says.

8th June 2017 11:19pm


8th June 2017 11:22pm

Security has been a big issue in the run up to this election. We’ve heard stories of additional security at polling stations across the country and there is a police officer here at the Grimsby and Cleethorpes counts tonight.

8th June 2017 11:26pm

Incumbent Scunthorpe MP candidate for Labour Nick Dakin arrived at the count.

8th June 2017 11:30pm

More security measures are being put in place in Grimsby at the Auditorium tonight.

8th June 2017 11:33pm

In Boston, there are currently two police officers, but no major security. A BBC cameraman has however been refused entry.

We’re hearing of a similar situation with a cameraman in Grimsby too.

8th June 2017 11:43pm

In Boston, where Ukip leader Paul Nuttall is standing against incumbent Conservative Matt Warman, there is a special hotel room. We’re hearing Nuttal will stay in this room all evening unless he wins the seat. 

Meanwhile, Blue Revolution candidate Mike Gilbert has arrived.

8th June 2017 11:47pm

GRIMSBY: Counters still being sorting through all those ballot papers. We’re yet to have a turnout announcement.

8th June 2017 11:48pm

SCUNTHORPE (BRIGG & GOOLE): Conservative candidate Andrew Percy has just arrived at the count.

8th June 2017 11:55pm


9th June 2017 12:06am

UK: Another huge majority for Labour in Sunderland Central as well as South, but there was still a 2/3% swing towards the Conservatives – as predicted the Tories winning votes in areas that voted Leave in the Brexit vote.

Newcastle on the other hand has had a 2.1% swing towards Labour. But we’re just getting started so it’s all to play for, many areas are busy counting now including Brighton and Cardiff. It’s going to be a long night but the counters are hard at work.

9th June 2017 12:08am

UK: Swindon North – Conservative hold with 11% rise in Labour votes; currently Corbyn’s future is looking brighter than the exit poll suggested, but we’ll have to see. 

9th June 2017 12:10am

Meanwhile in North Hykheam (& Sleaford constituency)


9th June 2017 12:13am

And Lincoln…


9th June 2017 12:19am

Nic Dakin – Labour – Scunthorpe

“Whatever the result, I’m ready for a rest”

9th June 2017 12:27am

CLEETHROPES: Incumbent Conservative candidate Martin Vickers is at the count

9th June 2017 12:29am

The Greens on how they think they performed in Boston & Skegness

9th June 2017 12:37am

The Skegness votes are now being validated

9th June 2017 12:37am

Conservative incumbent Matt Warman arrived at the Boston count.

He didn’t speak to any press and walked straight to the front of the hall.

9th June 2017 12:39am

We spoke with the UKIP candidate in Grimsby

9th June 2017 12:42am

9th June 2017 12:43am

GRIMSBY: Turnout announced as 67.19%

9th June 2017 12:45am

GRIMSBY: Turnout in 2015 was 57.16% so a huge increase in turnout this time round at 67.19%.

9th June 2017 12:45am

And tonight’s main face off in Boston…

9th June 2017 12:46am

9th June 2017 12:47am

9th June 2017 12:49am

Some more figures coming from NK

9th June 2017 12:52am

We also spoke with the Blue Revolution candidate in Boston and asked them what they’re standing for:

9th June 2017 12:59am

CLEETHORPES: We interview Martin Vickers – Conservative incumbent

He talked about the exit polls, potential loss of seats and the possibility of coalition with other parties.

9th June 2017 1:03am

Cleethorpes turnout over 75%

9th June 2017 1:08am

Boston & Skegness: Turnout was 62.78% = 42,479, marginally down from last year

9th June 2017 1:17am

With turnout figures declared, counting is underway in Boston.

Expected to be completed earlier than the planned 5-6am.

9th June 2017 1:18am

A manifesto as good as the one Labour had in 1945, says Boston & Skegness candidate Paul Kenny

9th June 2017 1:23am

9th June 2017 1:25am

GRIMSBY: Labour are increasingly confident they’ll hold onto the seat of Great Grimsby. Melanie Onn yet to arrive at the count, though.

9th June 2017 1:28am

LINCOLN: Labour Party chairman Dave Godson and deputy city council leader Donald don’t want to make predictions about Lincoln other than ‘it’s close’. They said that results for Labour nationally have seemed to exceed expectations.

9th June 2017 1:29am


Matt Warman: A good night for the Conservatives locally

9th June 2017 1:35am

9th June 2017 1:37am

We are seeing higher turnouts across the region. Could this skew the results?

9th June 2017 1:42am

Counting has started in Boston

9th June 2017 1:44am

Brigg & Goole turnout: 68.3% – 45,140 votes. Up from 63.2%

9th June 2017 1:45am

9th June 2017 1:45am

GRIMSBY: Counting is well under way with thousands of ballots gone through already. Labour’s Melanie Onn has just arrived.

9th June 2017 1:55am

Great Grimsby results expected just after 2pm. No details on Cleethorpes yet.

9th June 2017 2:07am

Conservative Andrew Percy looks confident he will hold his seat in Brigg & Google. He says that he has had ‘good reaction on door steps’ and ‘hopes to serve his constituents again.’

9th June 2017 2:10am

Sam Pidoux: It feels quite tense now that the counting has begun here in Scunthorpe. Conservative’s Holly Mumby Croft is looking tense… she is now neck and neck with Labour’s Nic Dakin.

9th June 2017 2:24am

Great Grimsby LABOUR HOLD for Melanie Onn

9th June 2017 2:28am

Kate Taylor: Great Grimsby – another Labour hold with a 2,565 majority. With an 11% decline in UKIP votes, it’s starting to look like the Tories backed the wrong horse in thinking that UKIP voters would switch to another right wing party. After the police cuts along with the manifesto’s detrimental pledges for the elderly, many appear to have turned to Labour.

9th June 2017 2:44am

9th June 2017 2:46am

Grantham & Stamford CONSERVATIVE HOLD for Nick Boles

9th June 2017 2:48am

UKIP’s Paul Nuttall will not speak to any media tonight in Boston. There will be a press conference tomorrow morning we’ve been told.

9th June 2017 2:51am

9th June 2017 2:53am

South Holland & The Deepings: CONSERVATIVE HOLD for John Hayes

9th June 2017 2:58am

Cleethorpes CONSERVATIVE HOLD for Martin Vickers

9th June 2017 3:00am

Melanie Onn, Labour, is delighted with her hold in Grimsby

9th June 2017 3:08am

Gainsborough CONSERVATIVE HOLD for Edward Leigh

9th June 2017 3:14am

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall avoiding media tonight 

9th June 2017 3:21am

CLEETHORPES: Conservative Martin Vickers refuses to back Theresa May

9th June 2017 3:31am

Boston & Skegness CONSERVATIVE HOLD for Matt Warman 

9th June 2017 3:32am

Shocking result for UKIP and Paul Nuttall – 3,308 votes to Matt Warman’s 27,271

9th June 2017 3:36am

Full results for Boston & Skegness:

  • Matt Warman (Conservative): 27,271
  • Paul Kenny (Labour): 10,699
  • Paul Nuttall (UKIP): 3,308
  • Philip Smith (Liberal Democrat): 771
  • Victoria Percival (Green): 547
  • Mike Gilbert (Blue Revolution):

9th June 2017 3:49am

Scunthorpe LABOUR HOLD for Nic Dakin

9th June 2017 3:54am

Matt Warman on UKIP’s major hit in Boston

9th June 2017 4:01am


9th June 2017 4:07am

Andrew Percy wins for a third time in Brigg and Goole. He says that he thanks his voters and he will continue to represent is constituents. 

9th June 2017 5:06am