Famous Flying Scotsman to pass through Lincolnshire this weekend

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The famous Flying Scotsman will reach Lincoln on its latest tour through the county this weekend, giving spectators the chance to see the vintage locomotive up close.

Flying Scotsman, which was built in 1923, will reach Lincoln at 11.55am on June 24 as part of a number of tours across the UK since the completion of its 10-year, £4.2 million refurbishment by the National Railway Museum in February.

It will leave Scarborough at 8.10am, before moving south through York and Doncaster, to arrive at Lincoln by 11.55am.

It will them travel south over the fens past Sleaford and Spalding on its route to Kings Cross Station, London.

At this stage, the Scotsman will disconnect from the Scarborough Flyer train, which will return using a diesel traction engine.

Although tickets for the ride have sold out, there are great opportunities to catch a glimpse of the famous locomotive as it passes through the city.

The Transport Police and tour organisers have emphasised the importance of staying safe however, after spectators have trespassed the tracks to try and get the perfect photo on previous occasions.

Many of the lines the train will run along will remain fully functional to much faster trains.

On their website, organisers for the Flying Scotsman tours have said, “we urge those wishing to view it on its tour dates do so from a safe vantage point.

“It is vital that spectators do not venture onto the railway, particularly when it is on the mainline as a full timetable of regular services will also be running,” they continued.

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