Watch trespassing youths climb Humber Bridge in terrifying daredevil stunt

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    A video has been released of a group of free-runners climbing the 500ft Humber Bridge in a terrifying and extremely dangerous daredevil stunt.

    The footage published on Tuesday, May 16 by YouTube channel Night Scape shows a group of four young people climbing the bridge before being spotted by the security cameras.

    In an effort not to be caught by security, the group made a quick escape back to their car before speeding off.

    The group breached the safety fences before climbing along the metal supports.

    The group climbed the 500ft Humber Bridge

    Once they reached the top, they were greeted by stunning views of the south bank… and also cameras – which were said to ‘look straight at them’.

    A spokesperson for the Humber Bridge said: “The incident that occurred in the early hours of Monday morning is subject to a police investigation, therefore the Humber Bridge Board is unable to comment on the matter.

    “Although security at the cable access points is sufficient to stop the vast majority of people from gaining access, we are reviewing it.”

    Stunning, but very dangerous views

    A spokesperson for Humberside Police said: “We’re aware of the incident in question and our security advisors are working with the Humber Bridge Board to discuss ongoing and future security measures.

    “From a safety perspective we’d recommend people do not put themselves at risk by taking part in such potentially hazardous activity.”

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