Resident’s warning: Deer ends up inside car after traumatic crash

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A Grimsby resident has issued a warning to road users in the area to be “deer aware” after an animal was killed in an accident.

The incident happened on Humberston Avenue on Wednesday, May 10 when a friend of Lisa Auty hit a deer which had appeared on the road.

As a result of the incident, the car was severely damaged and the deer died after crashing through the windscreen and landing on the lap of the passenger.

Photo: Lisa Auty

Lisa Auty posted on Facebook: “Due to all the building work behind Humberston Avenue the local deer are losing their homes and venturing onto the road resulting in accidents.

“There has been four [incidents] recently!

“This happened to a friend and her daughter yesterday and the deer landed on [the driver’s daughter’s] lap!

“Thankfully they are both ok obviously the deer isn’t!

“Reduce your speed on Humberston Avenue and be deer aware!”