New scheme introduced to help police track down missing people with dementia

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A new scheme which helps police track down missing people with dementia has been launched in Lincolnshire.

The new system, called the Herbert Protocol, named after war veteran and dementia sufferer George Herbert, is a national scheme which encourages carers and families to record vital information which can be used if they go missing.

So far 55 people with dementia have gone missing in Lincolnshire since January 2017, out of a total of 411.

The protocol form includes details about medication, daily routine and significant places as well as including a description and a photograph.

Once complete, the form is then placed within the care setting in a safe but prominent position, so the information is quickly available to police and other agencies in the event of the person being reported missing.

Identification cards, with the person’s contact details and a picture, are also available.

Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones said: “Being able to access clues to a help locate missing people swiftly is crucial and the protocol will save officers critical time.

“Finding missing people, particularly those who are most vulnerable, needs to be done quickly to protect them.

“We hope any family with a loved one who suffers from dementia will take the time to fill out the necessary forms.”

Forms can be accessed on the Lincolnshire Police website.

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