Recap: 2017 Lincolnshire County Council election results

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Catch up with the results from the 2017 Lincolnshire County Council election, which was a memorable night for the Conservative Party, and very disappointing for everyone else.

Take a look through our liveblog to see the results as they came in through the night.


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4th May 2017 10:08pm

Hello and welcome to those of you joining us on the Lincolnshire Reporter 2017 Lincolnshire County Council election results liveblog. I’m Stefan Pidluznyj and I’ll be bringing all you hardy souls staying up through the night live coverage of all the results as they come in, which I do have to warn you, will almost certainly carry on into the not-so early hours of the morning.

4th May 2017 10:14pm

How the count works

To kick things off, it would be quite useful for us all to know how the count will work this evening and morning and what to expect when.

The helpful guide below gives you a step-by-step guide summarised far more colourfully and effectively than I could possibly ever do!

4th May 2017 10:22pm

The counting process

The counting process will be managed by the district councils, and will take place through the night at the following venues:

  • Boston Borough Council – Peter Paine Performance Centre, Rosebery Avenue, Boston
  • City of Lincoln Council – The Drill Hall, Free School Lane, Lincoln
  • East Lindsey District Council – Meridian Leisure Centre, Wood Lane, Louth
  • North Kesteven District Council – OneNK Sports Centre, Moor Lane, North Hykeham
  • South Holland District Council – Springfields Events & Conference Centre, Camelgate, Spalding
  • South Kesteven District Council – The Grantham Meres Leisure Centre, Trent Road, Grantham
  • West Lindsey District Council – West Lindsey Leisure Centre, The Avenue, Gainsborough

Each district will announce the results in their area, with the information then displayed on a large screen in the council chamber at County Offices, Newland in Lincoln.

A party needs 36 seats (50% + one) to form an overall majority.

The returning officer is Tony McArdle, chief executive of Lincolnshire County Council.

4th May 2017 10:30pm

Where the action will take place

This is our view of the council chamber, where all the results will be taking place. Ok it’s not really our view but our photographer Steve Smailes decided to take this panoramic shot to give you a sense of where the action will be taking place this evening. Hopefully it gets a bit busier!

4th May 2017 10:43pm

Count underway

The count is underway here at the Drill Hall in Lincoln and across the rest of the county. A local scout group has been helping bring the ballot boxes in.

4th May 2017 10:45pm

Verifying votes

Votes are currently being verified at the Drill Hall. Here we have chief executive of City of Lincoln Council, Angela Andrews (in mid speech clearly in this picture) telling people what stage we are at of the count.

4th May 2017 10:48pm

County council on what to expect

Now in case you wanted an even more thorough rundown of what to expect especially in terms of how the night will pan out and when you’ll be able to get some rest, we caught up with Marianne Marshall from Lincolnshire County Council’s communications team.

This is what she had to say:

4th May 2017 11:09pm

Current make-up of Lincolnshire County Council

The Conservatives are the largest party on the council with 36 seats, three short of an overall majority which they failed to get at the last election in 2013.

Labour has 12 councillors, UKIP nine and the Lincolnshire Independents seven.

There are four Liberal Democrats and four Independents.

There are three councillors from An Independence from Europe.

One seat is vacant.

4th May 2017 11:13pm

Boundary changes and number of voters

Since the 2013 county council election, the boundaries have been redrawn by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England.

The changes have seen a reduction in the number of councillors from 77 to 70, with each councillor representing a single ward.

The names and shapes of the seats have been altered to compensate for the changes.

Some areas like Lincoln have seen some of the biggest reductions, losing two councillors, going down from 10 to eight.

In total, there are just over 550,000 registered voters in the county.

4th May 2017 11:29pm

Interesting results to look out for

With the results expected to start coming in after midnight, here are some of the results you might be especially interested to keep an eye out for.

Council leader Martin Hill is once again aiming to be councillor for the Folkingham Rural ward.

We’ll find out if deputy leader Patricia Bradwell has been re-elected when the result for Woodhall Spa & Wragby comes in.

The councillor in charge of highways, Richard Davies, will have to fight off competition from two Independents and a Labour and Green candidate in Grantham West.

Colin Davie, responsible for economic development, is over on the other side of the county, up against Labour and UKIP in Ingoldmells Rural.

Veteran Labour councillor Robert Parker will found out if he has been re-elected when the result for Lincoln Carholme is announced.

Other interest in Lincoln will be in Hartsholme, to see if UKIP’s Jane Smith can hold onto her seat there, with competition expected to come from both Labour and the Conservatives.

4th May 2017 11:44pm

What the candidates have had to say

Lincolnshire Reporter spoke to candidates from the Conservatives, Labour, UKIP, Liberal Democrats, Lincolnshire Independents and Greens last week ahead of the election to hear their thoughts on all the burning issues.

Take a watch of what they had to say:

Martin Hill – Conservatives

Robert Parker – Labour

Victoria Ayling – UKIP

4th May 2017 11:54pm

What the candidates have had to say (part 2)

Things should (hopefully) start to get a bit busier over the next couple of hours as results start to come in. More now though from the candidates, starting with Ross Pepper from the Liberal Democrats.

Ross Pepper – Liberal Democrats

Marianne Overton – Lincolnshire Independents

Ben Loryman – Green

5th May 2017 12:00am

First result: Conservatives win Waddington & Hykeham East

5th May 2017 12:05am

Conservatives win Grantham West

5th May 2017 12:08am

Conservatives win Hykeham Forum

5th May 2017 12:11am

Pictures from the Lincoln count

Some familiar faces caught on camera at the Lincoln count.

5th May 2017 12:12am

A very pleased Richard Davies at being re-elected

5th May 2017 12:16am

Conservatives win Grantham Barrowby

5th May 2017 12:20am

Conservatives win Washingborough

5th May 2017 12:25am

New councillor’s acceptance speech for Hykeham Forum

5th May 2017 12:29am

Conservatives win Grantham East

5th May 2017 12:32am

Conservatives win Potterhanworth & Coleby

5th May 2017 12:36am

Conservatives win Boston North

5th May 2017 12:39am

Conservatives win Spalding East

5th May 2017 12:42am

Lincolnshire Independents win Bassingham & Welbourn

5th May 2017 12:45am

Conservatives win Boston Rural

5th May 2017 12:48am

Conservatives win Donington Rural

5th May 2017 12:51am

Conservatives win Grantham North

5th May 2017 12:53am

Conservatives win Spalding South

5th May 2017 12:56am

A good night for the Conservatives so far

5th May 2017 12:57am

Conservatives win Boston Coastal

5th May 2017 12:58am

Conservatives win Holbeach

5th May 2017 1:02am

Conservatives win Metheringham Rural

5th May 2017 1:04am

Conservatives win Lincoln Birchwood

5th May 2017 1:07am

Independent wins Gainsborough Trent

5th May 2017 1:10am

Liberal Democrats win Gainsborough Hill

5th May 2017 1:12am

Conservatives win Louth North

5th May 2017 1:16am

Independent wins Boston South

5th May 2017 1:19am

Conservatives win Spalding Elloe

5th May 2017 1:21am

Independent wins The Suttons

5th May 2017 1:24am

Conservatives win Holbeach Rural

5th May 2017 1:26am

Labour wins Lincoln Boultham

5th May 2017 1:28am

Conservatives win Crowland

5th May 2017 1:31am

Conservatives win Skirbeck

5th May 2017 1:33am

Conservatives win Grantham South

5th May 2017 1:36am

Labour wins Louth South

5th May 2017 1:40am

Conservatives win Gainsborough Rural South

5th May 2017 1:42am

Labour wins Lincoln St Giles

5th May 2017 1:45am

Conservatives and county council leader Martin Hill wins Folkingham Rural

5th May 2017 1:48am

Labour wins Lincoln Carholme

5th May 2017 1:51am

Independent wins Spalding West

5th May 2017 1:53am

Labour wins Lincoln Park

5th May 2017 1:54am


5th May 2017 1:57am

Conservatives win Boston West

5th May 2017 1:58am

Conservatives win Hough

5th May 2017 2:02am

Conservatives win Lincoln Swallow Beck & Witham

5th May 2017 2:04am

Conservatives win Lincoln Hartsholme

5th May 2017 2:07am

Conservatives win Scotter Rural

5th May 2017 2:12am

Conservatives win Bardney & Cherry Willingham

5th May 2017 2:14am

Conservatives win Sleaford

5th May 2017 2:16am

Conservatives win Lincoln Ermine & Cathedral

5th May 2017 2:18am

Conservatives win Welton Rural

5th May 2017 2:20am

Conservatives win Nettleham & Saxilby

5th May 2017 2:24am

Conservatives win Sleaford Rural

5th May 2017 2:26am

Conservatives win Market Rasen Wolds

5th May 2017 2:28am

Conservatives win North Wolds

5th May 2017 2:31am

Conservatives win Ruskington

5th May 2017 2:33am

Conservatives win Saltfleet & The Coates

5th May 2017 2:35am

Conservatives win Heckington

5th May 2017 2:38am

Conservatives win Horncastle & The Keals

5th May 2017 2:42am

Conservatives win Skegness North

5th May 2017 3:30am

Conservatives win Woodhall Spa & Wragby

5th May 2017 3:31am

Conservatives win Bourne North & Morton

5th May 2017 3:31am

Labour wins Mablethorpe

5th May 2017 3:32am

Conservatives win Ingoldmells Rural

5th May 2017 3:32am

Conservatives win Colsterworth Rural

5th May 2017 3:33am

Conservatives win Wainfleet

5th May 2017 3:33am

Conservatives win Deepings West & Rural

5th May 2017 3:34am

Conservatives win Tattershall Castle

5th May 2017 3:34am

Conservatives win Bourne South & Thurlby

5th May 2017 3:35am

Conservatives win Louth Wolds

5th May 2017 3:35am

Conservatives win Stamford East

5th May 2017 3:36am

Conservatives win Deepings East

5th May 2017 3:36am

Conservatives win Stamford West

5th May 2017 3:37am

Conservatives win Skegness South

5th May 2017 3:38am


  • Conservative – 58
  • Labour – 6
  • Independents – 4
  • Liberal Democrats – 1
  • Lincolnshire Independents – 1
  • UKIP 0

5th May 2017 3:43am

Council leader Martin Hill on Conservatives’ victory

An understandably delighted Martin Hill has given his reaction to the Conservatives’ thumping success in the Lincolnshire County Council election.

5th May 2017 3:45am

Well that just about rounds things off here inside the council chamber. Thank you for joining us tonight and this morning. Keep an eye out on Lincolnshire Reporter and The Lincolnite later this morning for some reactions and more snazzy graphics illustrating the results if you can’t get to sleep.

And in case you have forgotten, you’ll be able to join us again on Lincolnshire Reporter on June 8, when we will be providing you with live coverage of the results from the 11 Greater Lincolnshire constituencies for the general election.