Dangerous dog on the loose savages girl and ‘eats’ cat

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A mother has taken to social media after her 17-year-old daughter was savagely attacked by a loose dog in Spalding.

The incident happened at 5.20pm on Thursday, May 18 where a teenage girl was attacked by a dog, which then went on to ‘eat’ a cat, on the High Road in Whaplode.

Angered by the situation, the mother of the girl posted on Spotted Spalding: “I would like to say a massive thank you to the kind lady who stopped to help my daughter today after she was attacked by a dog in Whaplode.

“The dog has chipped a bone and she needs an operation!

“For all of you who drove past and didn’t help … shame on you!

“This lovely young girl is taking her A levels and now has to cope with this!

“As for the dog’s owners … We all know a dangerous dog when we see it and you should be ashamed of yourselves! My condolences to the owner of the poor cat that it killed.”

Clare Christie, who came to the assistance of the girl, commented on the post: “I was the one who stopped to help her and saw the dog attack her.

“She did not provoke the dog. The dog was running loose in the road and she was trying to help.

“After it let go of her it then attacked, killed and then ate a cat.

“When the police got there they tried to catch it and it seemed nice and compliant for a start and then went for the police officer.

“I am pleased to know the girl is ok and really hope she recovers quickly.”

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police said: “I can confirm that there have been no arrests at this moment in time and the dog has not been put down but this is a live, ongoing investigation.”

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