‘Is she off the telly?’ Grantham voters on Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and general election

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Voters in Grantham have been giving their thoughts on the upcoming snap general election on June 8, with many positive about Theresa May’s perceived strong leadership, sceptical about the thought of Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister, and some clearly uninterested in the whole process.

As previously reported, Prime Minister Theresa May made the surprise announcement outside Downing Street on April 18.

The PM has repeatedly made clear in the past her desire to not hold a general election before 2020 but claimed that opposition parties in Westminster were putting Brexit at risk of jeopardy.

Lincolnshire Reporter spoke to residents in Grantham town centre to listen to their views on whether the general election was necessary, and who they would be voting for.

Keelan Masson, 18, will be voting for the first time and he said he will be voting Labour.

He said: “I don’t want to vote for Jeremy Corbyn but my family have always voted Labour, so I will stick with them.”

Carole Clark, 56, said that Theresa May needed to “stake her claim.”

She added: “She is a strong women, I have no confidence in the other leaders.”

Linda Clark, 68, also said she was voting for Theresa May.

She said: “She appears to be a strong leader, I would not vote for Jeremy Corbyn because he is the wrong man for the country.”

Some were undecided such as Martin Doughty, 46, who said: “I have yet to make my decision yet, If I am going to be honest with you, I don’t think I will be voting the same this time, I voted Labour last time.”

Jayde Chambers, 20, was less enthusiastic about the election. After being told by our reporter who Theresa May was, she said: “Was it on the TV? I don’t really watch it.”

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