Warning to dog owners as ‘highly poisonous’ substance found on Skegness beach

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Dog walkers are being warned after toxic solidified palm oil was found on Skegness beach.

Skegness Aquarium has issued a warning to all coast visitors to be vigilant taking dogs and children to the beach.

Staff at the aquarium have said they have had reports of small amounts of the palm oil being found on beaches in the town, which is illegal to dispose of inappropriately.

The substance is highly toxic to animals.

This latest scare comes just months after a number of dogs were put down after eating poison found on the beach at Winthorpe.

In a post on Facebook, a spokesperson for Skegness Aquarium said: “A warning to all coast visitors, please be vigilant when taking dogs and children to the beach.

“We have had reports of small amounts of solidified palm oil which is a toxic substance, illegal to dispose of inappropriately and highly poisonous to animals.

“As it has changed state from a liquid to a solid and potentially been in the sea for a number of days it can be found in all shapes and sizes.

“The palm oil has a wax-like coating and can smell a bit like diesel (but we do not advise smelling it).

“If you do happen to come across any on the beach then please contact the local council and let’s, together, try to keep our award winning, Blue Flag beaches safe for all.”

A spokesperson for East Lindsey District Council said: “The council is aware of the social media reports but has been unable to substantiate whether or not the substance found was palm oil.

‘The Council has carried out a search of the main beach area this morning and hasn’t found any.

“If anyone does come across any palm oil they are encouraged to report it to the council as soon as possible on 01507 601111.”

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