Lincolnshire landlords asked migrant tenants for sex, survey finds

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A survey completed by Polish, Lativian and Lithuanian migrants living in Lincolnshire found at least two occasions where landlords had reportedly demanded sex in return for accommodation.

The research, conducted by the Lincolnshire Community Foundation and funded by the Bishop of Lincoln’s Social Justice Fund, saw 182 migrants answer questions to determine the benefits and issues found since relocating to the UK.

Among subjects covered was experiences of exploitation, which exposed instances both by employers and by landlords.

Of the most alarming allegations submitted, two responses claimed that a landlord had asked for sex in return for the individual remaining in the accommodation. The report ads that while one incident had been reported to police, it was not followed up.

The report also added that it was unclear if this one incident had happened locally or if the woman had moved to the county to flee the situation.

Responders also made claims in the survey that landlords had provided only one room for an entire family, and tenants had been evicted from a property with no notice.

Some claimed they had experienced exploitation by employers including the withholding of wages and unfair working hours.

The most significant benefits noted by those relocating to the UK, were improved financial prospects, better standards of living and NHS care.

The Lincolnshire Community Foundation said in the report: “The majority of those completing the questionnaires appreciate the benefits of living in this country especially as they are more financially stable, have a much better lifestyle and an improved standard of living for themselves and their families.

“With only six out of the total of 182 saying they wish to return ‘home’ it is obvious the benefits and future prospects are such that they intend to remain in this country permanently.

“With improved communication skills a lot of the issues raised could be addressed and avoided. It would also provide a better awareness of the rights and responsibilities when living in the UK.

“Being able to understand English (spoken and written) would facilitate social connection with the local community and with official organisations, improve career progression and help with self-esteem.”

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