Lincolnshire Talks: Welcome to the Brexit capital of the UK – Boston

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Earlier this week MPs from the Brexit select committee visited Boston to hear from businesses, councillors and local residents on what leaving the European Union would mean to the town.

Lincolnshire Reporter was also in Boston on the same day, and we caught up with some of the locals to find out what Brexit means to them.

Below are their forthright – and highly debatable – views on why they voted to leave the EU and how they thought the government was getting on with implementing Brexit.

Boston recorded the highest majority of Brexit voters in Britain, voting by 75.6% to leave the EU.

Lincolnshire as a county also voted decisively to leave in the referendum held on June 23.

John Hardy, 66, was one of those who voted for Brexit last year.

He said: “Basically this town has been absolutely flooded with immigrants.

“They’re everywhere.”

Fellow Brexit supporter Eileen Dunn, 62, added: “I’m not happy with how they say to you ‘you’ve got to do this, you’ve got to do that.'”

Another Leave voter, Margaret Woods, 79, said: “It’s full of everybody else apart from the Boston people.”

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