How good (or bad) is the phone signal where you live? Map shows Lincolnshire coverage hotspots

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How frustrating is it when you get cut off while making an important phone call? Or when you are trying in vain to connect to the internet while on the move? For many people living in Lincolnshire, this is an all too familiar experience.

Mobile coverage analysts OpenSignal have at least attempted to help residents out by producing a colour coded map revealing which areas have strong and weak coverage.

The maps below show the mobile phone hot (and not) spots across the Greater Lincolnshire region.

Residents can even refine the maps further, to compare the coverage of network providers EE, 3, O2 and Vodafone in any given area.


The phone signal strength in the Lincoln area

Overall, Lincoln has pretty strong phone coverage. The city centre and heading north of the cathedral in particular have good signal.

However, areas along Monks Road and near Lincoln County Hospital are not as strong.

In areas outside of Lincoln, such as the villages of Doddington, Whisby, South Hykeham and Branston, users are more likely to experience difficulties.

Grimsby and Cleethorpes

The phone signal strength in the Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Immingham area

North-East Lincolnshire, and in particular Grimsby and Cleethorpes, have a good phone signal.

Further north, coverage around Immingham becomes a bit more patchy and some villages such as Healing and Stallingborough have a more mixed signal.


The phone signal strength in the Scunthorpe area

Most of Scunthorpe has strong phone coverage. However, some areas of Brigg and villages of Scawby, Crowle and Appleby struggle for signal.


The phone signal strength in the Boston area

Boston town centre benefits from a strong signal. However, the area around Pilgrim Hospital is not quite as good.


The phone signal strength in the Grantham area

Similarly, Grantham overall has pretty strong coverage. Villages such as Belton, Harlaxton and Sedgebrook do not have a great signal though.


The phone signal strength in the Spalding area

As the map shows, the area around Spalding town centre has good coverage, unlike much of the outlying areas.


The phone signal strength in the Skegness area

Again, the Skegness area is a bit of a mixed bag. Skegness town centre is not too bad, but inland, villages such as Burgh le Marsh and Orby have a far weaker signal.


The phone signal strength in the Gainsborough area

Coverage in Gainsborough is also pretty patchy, with the south side of the town faring better than areas such as Morton.


The phone signal strength in the Louth area

The opposite can be said for Louth. As the map shows, the northern half of the town has strong enough coverage, with the south side struggling more.


The phone signal strength in the Horncastle area

Phone users are likely to experience very poor signal in Horncastle, as the map above clearly shows.


The phone signal strength in the Sleaford area

Sleaford is another Lincolnshire town with patchy coverage. Villagers in Leasingham, North Rauceby and South Rauceby are likely to be plagued by poor signal.


The phone signal strength in the Stamford area

Finally, as with many of the other towns, Stamford’s coverage could do with some improvements. Indeed much of the town centre appears to have a weak phone signal.

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