League tables reveal Lincolnshire’s best and worst performing secondary schools

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League tables detailing how secondary schools in Lincolnshire have performed over the last 12 months have revealed a mixture of results for the county.

League tables, published on Thursday, January 19, show varied performances based on grades through the new Progress 8 and Attainment 8 measurements.

Progress 8 (P8) is designed to reflect student progress across core academic subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Languages and Humanities.

The national average is -0.03, with Lincolnshire schools overall recording an average P8 score of -0.1.

The number of pupils outperforming the East Midlands average for achieving A*-C in both English and maths was 62.3% (compared with 61.6%).

Debbie Barnes, Director of Children’s Services, said: “The league tables show that we are performing well when compared to the East Midlands average for educational achievement.

“Many of our schools continue to appear in the top performing national lists. Our aim is to increase the number of high performing schools and use their expertise to help those schools that need to improve.

“We want all children and young people in Lincolnshire to have access the very best education in their local schools, to help prepare them for successful careers and opportunities.”

What is Progress 8?

Progress 8 measures a students’ development between Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 4 by comparing their Key Stage 4 or GCSE results to the achievements of students with the same prior attainment.

As stated on the AQA website: “It is calculated by taking a student’s actual Attainment 8 score and subtracting their expected Attainment 8 score.

“The expected score is taken from the national average Attainment 8 Score of all students with the same prior attainment at Key Stage 2.

Females in Lincolnshire have seen an increase in GCSE results in the last fews years.

“The positive Progress 8 score shows that students have performed better than average and a negative shows that they have performed below average compared to students with the same prior attainment.

“Every student who achieves an expected score contributes to a school’s average progress 8 result. Schools whose overall score is below the ‘floor standard’ of minus 0.5 is subject to inspection.”

Top 10 – Progress 8

Within the league table, the following schools made it to the top 10 in Lincolnshire for Progress 8 scores:

  • The Priory Ruskin Academy, Grantham (0.49)
  • Kesteven and Sleaford high School – A Selective Academy (0.45)
  • Branston Community Academy (0.44)
  • Kesteven and Grantham Girl’s School (0.42)
  • Bourne Grammar School (0.41)
  • University Academy Holbeach (0.41)
  • Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar Alford – A Selective Academy (0.40)
  • Carre’s Grammar School, Sleaford (0.39)
  • De Aston School, Market Rasen (0.36)
  • The King’s School, Grantham (0.35)

Bottom 10 – Progress 8

Within the league table, the following schools has the lowest scores in Lincolnshire for Progress 8:

  • The Phoenix Academy, Grantham (-2.91)
  • Lincoln The Sincil School (-2.19)
  • The Lady Jane Franklin School, Spilsby (-2.14)
  • Aegir – A Specialist Academy, Gainsborough (-2.06)
  • The Lincoln St Christopher’s School (-1.97)
  • The Priory School, Spalding (-1.87)
  • Ambergate Sports College, Grantham (-1.87)
  • The Gainsborough Academy (-1.05)
  • The West Grantham Academy, St Hugh’s (-0.81)
  • Thomas Middlecott Academy, Boston (-0.81)

Top 10 – Pupils achieving A* – C in English and maths

  • Caistor Grammar School, 99%
  • Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar Alford – A Selective Academy, 99%
  • The King’s School, Grantham, 97%
  • Kesteven and Sleaford High School Selective Academy, 97%
  • Carre’s Grammar School, 96%
  • Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School, 94%
  • Boston High School, 91%
  • King Edward VI Grammar School, Louth, 91%
  • Skegness Grammar School, 90%
  • The Priory Academy LSST, Lincoln, 88%

See how your school fared in the full league table online here. 

Impressive results

Against the government’s new headline measure of Progress 8, Sir William Robertson Academy, Lincoln achieved a positive score of +0.16 which places the school in the top 40% of schools nationally.

Mark Guest, Sir William Robertson Academy’s Headteacher, said: “This is a fantastic accolade which affirms just how well our Post-16 provision prepares our students for life and success after school.”

Photo: Steve Smailes for Lincolnshire Reporter

Students and staff at The Priory Ruskin Academy in Grantham have topped  the government’s new Progress 8 (P8) performance measure in Lincolnshire.

The Academy is at the top of the county league table with deemed to be well above average, with a grade placing them in the top 5% of all schools nationally

Headtecher Rachel Wyles said: “This is a superb reflection of excellent teachers, determined students and supportive parents working together to achieve the best possible outcomes for our pupils.”

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