One-way streets in Grantham could have no waiting zones to improve access for ambulances

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Two streets in Grantham could have no waiting zones enforced by the council to allow ambulances to be able to drive along them at all times.

Councillors will consider whether no waiting at any time zones should be introduced on Stamford Street and Victoria Street at a Lincolnshire County Council planning and regulation committee meeting on Monday, January 16.

Stamford Street and Victoria Street are residential terraced streets where the majority of residents do not have off street parking.

Due to the narrow nature of the road a one-way system was introduced to aid access for the residents and emergency services.

The widths of Stamford Street and Victoria Street have been measured at 7.5m but the roads are effectively reduced to 4m due to parked vehicles.

If approved, it is believed that these restrictions will enable ambulances and other emergency services vehicles to move freely through the streets.

Richard Wills, executive director for environment and economy at Lincolnshire County Council said: “As part of the overall review of waiting restrictions within the Grantham area, and after receiving concerns from the emergency services, inspections were carried out to assess traffic flow and vehicular safety in this area.

“The proximity of parked vehicles to the fire hydrants and around the apex of the one way system prohibits emergency service vehicles from being able to travel unrestricted along Stamford Street and Victoria Street.

“From these investigations the proposed waiting restrictions were conceived.”

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