Rewind: Lincolnshire coast braced for storm surge

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Residents along the Lincolnshire coast, Humber and Boston areas have been facing gale-force winds and high tides on Friday, January 13.

Emergency services and armed forces have been working on preparations over the last 24 hours ahead of the possible storm surge and localised flooding.


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12th January 2017 8:44pm

Good evening. We’re bringing you updates tonight on the areas on flood warning .

Here is the latest situation in our coverage areas:

12th January 2017 8:49pm

Earlier today we’ve been at the Lincolnshire emergency response HQ and spoke with Police Chief Constable Neil Rhodes.

12th January 2017 8:52pm

School closures ahead of bad weather

A number of school closures have been announced for the morning. The following have been confirmed:

  • Tetney Primary School
  • Mablethorpe Primary
  • Sutton on Sea CP School
  • Hogsthorpe Community Primary
  • Chapel St Leonards
  • Ingoldmells Academy
  • Skegness Seathorne Primary
  • Skegness Junior Academy
  • Skegness Infant Academy
  • Skegness Grammar
  • LTLC Mablethorpe site

For more information, visit the central school closures page.

12th January 2017 9:03pm

Flooding preparations in Skegness

Fran Bee has been around Skegness for Lincolnshire Reporter to see the preparations ahead of the expected surge in the morning. 

More than 100 soldiers have been sent to the county to help issue door-to-door warnings.

12th January 2017 9:13pm

Quiet Skegness braced for tidal surge

The photos captured for us by Fran Bee show empty streets across Skegness as a tense night awaits residents in the town.

12th January 2017 9:20pm

Soldiers go door to door to inform residents

Soldiers from 2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment have been going door to door tonight in Skegness with Lincolnshire Police officers to inform residents of the risks of the surge and how to prepare.

The British Army shared these photos on Twitter.

12th January 2017 9:25pm

Minister for the Armed Forces: ‘Ready to help civil authorities’

The MoD just released this statement tonight from Mike Penning, the Minister for the Armed Forces

12th January 2017 9:41pm

Extra flood defences along the coast

The Environment Agency has been working throughout the day to put in temporary flood defences – about 1km of barriers. Meanwhile, the command unit is also monitoring remotely the permanent defence points.

12th January 2017 9:54pm

Army assists during flooding risk

We have received more details about the army operations in Lincolnshire today:

At the request of the Lincolnshire Police, around 100 Soldiers from Alma Company, 2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (A Coy, 2 Yorks) have been deployed to support a precautionary evacuation of residents whose homes may be at risk of flooding.

Those soldiers worked with Lincolnshire Police tonight (Thu 12 Jan) to knock on doors and warn and inform residents in Skegness. A combination of gale force winds and high tides had threatened to flood low-lying areas.

These Soldiers are from one of the three UK Standby Battalions, held in readiness to respond to UK contingencies and emergencies. The troops were alerted at their base at Catterick late last night and began preparations and briefings to be out on task today.

Local Authorities are able to request support from the Armed Forces, which makes the ability to respond more agile thanks to the training undertaken with the Environment Agency (EA). This as included training in the construction of the EA’s newly acquired temporary flood barriers.

12th January 2017 10:09pm

New flood warning and flood alert

The number of flood warnings across the region is now up to 26 (from 25) and 17 flood alerts (up from 16).

You can explore the interactive map of the areas here.

12th January 2017 10:34pm

Responders on standby to help possible evacuations

Lincolnshire responders are on standby tonight to possibly move vulnerable persons ahead of the storm surge. 

12th January 2017 10:50pm

School closures update

Earlier this evening 11 schools said they were closing tomorrow as a precaution. Now the number has gone down to just four. They are:

  • Mablethorpe Primary
  • Sutton on Sea CP School
  • Ingoldmells Academy
  • LTLC Mablethorpe site

12th January 2017 11:06pm

Temperatures drop, wind picking up

Many places across Lincolnshire are seeing temperatures dropping to 0℃, while wind is picking up, with up to 16mph in the Mablethorpe area.

12th January 2017 11:18pm

The message for “selfie tourists”

Keep away from the edge of the water and sea defences – don’t be tempted to come and take photographs, the authorities urge.

*All our commissioned photographers have been safety briefed and only take photos responsibly from a safe distance.

12th January 2017 11:43pm

Only a small number of vulnerable people are being moved as a precaution at this stage.

13th January 2017 12:00am

No further significant updates are expected tonight, but the authorities are monitoring the situation overnight ahead of the expected tides at 6am and 5.45pm.

Some 3,000 homes sit behind defences in the area affected by the flood warnings. People are being told not to panic, but to remain vigilant and to look out for media updates.

We’ll be back at the Lincolnshire emergency response HQ very early in the morning to bring you the latest updates here.

13th January 2017 6:32am

We’re back at the Lincolnshire Emergency Centre in Lincoln, bringing you the latest on weather warnings affecting the county. 

A quiet night so far. Some 11 residents have spent the night in the county’s rest centres in Louth as a precaution. Emergency services and armed forced are standing by during this morning’s period of high tides.

13th January 2017 6:37am

Take care while travelling this morning. There’s one road closure to be aware of in the warning area. Diversions are in place this morning – A52 at Trusthorpe. 

13th January 2017 6:40am

The emergency centre is filling up in Lincoln, teams are carefully watching the high tides. The number of homes now considered ‘at risk’ has been reduced to around 1,000. 

We’ll be bringing you an update again at around 7am. 

13th January 2017 6:44am

For now, a look at the latest flood warning map from the Environment Agency. Some 68 flood warnings are still in place across the UK. 

13th January 2017 7:37am

We caught up with Chief Constable Neil Rhodes for the latest information on surge threats in the county:

13th January 2017 10:37am

The latest flood warnings and alerts update

13th January 2017 10:41am

The interactive maps at VentuSky show you live wind and wave height and direction information.

13th January 2017 10:44am

Snow and icy conditions across Lincolnshire

Many people woke up in parts of Lincolnshire this morning to the sight of a white carpet across their gardens.

Dave Hardy captured for Lincolnshire Reporter the first snow in Grimsby. More photos here.

A Met Office snow warning is in place from 12.05am to 2pm on Saturday.

13th January 2017 11:00am

Icy Skegness prepared for high tide 

This was the scene in Skegness early this morning, captured by Fran Bee for Lincolnshire Reporter. The town is also on flood alert until later tonight.

13th January 2017 11:12am

Behind the scenes

Besides the emergency response HQ at Lincoln South fire station, this morning we also went at the county’s Major Incident Room at Lincolnshire Police HQ. We spoke to Chief Superintendent Nikki Mayo about the work going on in the background.

13th January 2017 12:36pm

Weather warning for ice

The Met Office issued another weather warning for ice from 4pm today until midday on Saturday.

13th January 2017 12:42pm

Lunch time update

Ian Reed from Lincolnshire County Council and Chief Constable Neil Rhodes update us on the latest situation at lunchtime on January 13.


13th January 2017 1:09pm

A52 remains closed

The A52 remains closed at Trusthorpe all day Friday 13th. Diversions are in place (marked below).

13th January 2017 1:47pm

Sandbag re-supplies in North Lincolnshire

Several flood warnings are still in place in the Humber region, and people in at-risk areas can replenish their supplies of sandbags.

From 2pm, North Lincolnshire Council is distributing sandbags at these points:

  • Waterside Road, Barton
  • East Marsh Road, Goxhill
  • Barrow Road, New Holland

13th January 2017 2:08pm

MP visits troops and emergency services

Boston and Skegness MP Matt Warman has been visiting troops and emergency services to warn people about the potential storm surge.

The MP visited Skegness Fire Station where he met with troops from Burma Company, 2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment, who have been working alongside Lincolnshire Police knocking on doors to warn and inform residents of the risks the flooding presents in the region.

13th January 2017 2:22pm

Chief Constable meets Louth & Horncastle MP

Police Chief Constable Neil Rhodes left the emergency response HQ in Lincoln this afternoon and is at Louth fire station where he met with local MP Victoria Atkins and the fire ops team. “Impressive people. Doing a top job,” he tweeted.

13th January 2017 2:36pm

Rest centres remain on standby

The Meridian Centre in Louth is one of the two designated centres for evacuated people to seek refuge, where first responders are also based.

  • London Road Pavillion, London Road, Louth, LN11 9QP
  • Meridian Leisure Centre, Wood Lane, Louth, LN11 8SA

13th January 2017 2:43pm

Latest flood warnings and alerts

As the high tide is expected again from 5.45pm, more flood warnings have been put in place. See the live map here.

13th January 2017 3:13pm

Army on stand-by assisting local services

The 100 soldiers from the 2nd Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment remained today in Mablethorpe, Louth and Skegness to assist local services with informing residents and preparing for the high tide.

13th January 2017 3:19pm

Call to protect animals in case of flooding

Animal Aid is calling on 2 Sisters Food Group to ensure the safety of chickens at their farms that are in high-risk flooding areas.

In the December 2013 tidal surge on the Humber estuary 700,000 chickens on two farms operated by the group drowned after the farms became flooded. The farms were located near South Ferriby and Winteringham.

Campaigners say the company rebuilt the farms in the same high-risk areas and hundreds of thousands of other birds are now at risk of drowning and suffering an agonising death.

Local resident and Animal Aid consultant Dene Stansall said: “It is bad enough that the chickens in this area suffer hidden away in the sheds. But to be subjected to the potential of drowning is more appalling still. North Lincolnshire Council and the company responsible for these chickens have a duty to ensure that the birds will not again be subjected to such an horrific death.”

13th January 2017 3:38pm

Temp flood barriers monitored

The Environment Agency are monitoring 1,200m of temporary flood barriers in South Ferriby and 150m in Trustthorpe in person and via live stream this afternoon. The barriers were installed yesterday.

13th January 2017 3:59pm

We’re on our way back to the Lincolnshire command centre in Lincoln to bring you the latest updates on the coastal storm surge warnings. 

Look out for the next live video on our Facebook page.

13th January 2017 4:14pm

What not to do

Surge waves are beginning to sweep over barriers in parts of Yorkshire, however a number of people have been spotted taking unbelievable risks at the water’s edge.

Footage taken by ITV serves as an important reminder to people to stay away from the tides. Advice applies to the Lincolnshire coastline – Thrill seeking is dangerous, keep at a safe distance at all times.

Water levels are still rising with a high tide expected at around 6.30pm.

13th January 2017 5:07pm

Storm surge expected from 5.30pm

We’ve just been to the Lincolnshire emergency planning centre and spoken to Ian Reed, Emergency Planning and Business Continuity manager at Lincolnshire County Council.

Ian has said that the surge is currently moving down the coastline and if it does hit, it will do so from between 5.30pm and 6pm.

13th January 2017 5:10pm

13th January 2017 5:17pm

Storm surge could hit between 5.30pm and 6pm

The surge on the Lincolnshire coast could hit between 5.30pm and 6pm and authorities are prepared. We just spoke with Ian Reed at the emergency response HQ:

13th January 2017 5:20pm

13th January 2017 5:20pm

Water levels rise on Mablethorpe beach

We have this live cam image from a couple of minutes ago in Mablethorpe. Follow it here.

13th January 2017 5:54pm

High tide time

The Lincolnshire emergency response HQ is not expecting severe flooding but could see some overtopping of sea defences during high tide — happening now.

This is the latest image we have from the Mablethorpe beach webcam.

13th January 2017 5:57pm

Flood watch in Boston

13th January 2017 6:05pm

13th January 2017 6:20pm

13th January 2017 6:23pm

Cleethorpes update

Reports that there are some quite high waves in Cleethorpes. The water is not as high as in 2013 and there are no concerns at the moment.

13th January 2017 6:24pm

Similarly, some high waves in Trusthorpe but no panic.

13th January 2017 6:28pm

Latest flood watch

13th January 2017 6:31pm

High tides in Boston and Skegness

  • Boston – 6.47pm
  • Skegness – 6.48pm

13th January 2017 6:35pm

Mablethorpe promenade

The latest pictures coming from Mablethorpe promenade. Lincolnshire County Council have urged people not to take any storm selfies.

13th January 2017 6:36pm

Mablethorpe high tide

Mablethorpe high tide has now passed. There don’t seem to be any incidents and the defences appear sound.

13th January 2017 6:38pm

13th January 2017 6:41pm

13th January 2017 6:46pm

Sea defences being checked

13th January 2017 6:47pm

Latest Environment Agency advice

13th January 2017 6:51pm

Boston high tide

High tide in Boston has now passed. No flooding.

13th January 2017 7:12pm

Wet, but no flooding yet

Emergency services monitoring levels at Saltfleet

13th January 2017 7:41pm

High tides pass on Lincolnshire coast without major incidents

Both the morning and evening high tides on the Lincolnshire coast, Humber and Wash areas have passed without major incidents.

Authorities will continue to monitor water levels and check the sea defences overnight.

The evening high tide saw some impressive waves at Cleethorpes and some overtopping at the Humberside Fitties caravan park.

However, Mablethorpe, Skegness and Boston (pictured below) emerged relatively unscathed as defences held up.

We will be closing our liveblog coverage, with any updates to follow over the weekend.