Lincolnshire Talks: Is it acceptable to go to the supermarket in pyjamas?

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We’ve all been there, it’s a Sunday morning, you’ve just got up and there’s nothing in the fridge. But would you pop to your local supermarket in your pyjamas to pick up some brekkie?

Tesco has recently given permission to its UK store managers to throw shoppers out if they are wearing pyjamas.

This comes after the popular supermarket received a number of complaints from shoppers, suggesting it is unacceptable for people to go shopping in their nightwear.

Should pyjamas be left at home?

One Tesco store has even said that a shopper wearing pyjamas in a particular store caused a ‘row’ between customers.

Supermarket dress code?

Tesco has said that they don’t have a formal dress code for their shop, while other supermarkets in the UK, such as ASDA, have also agreed that there is no formal dress code.

A spokesperson for Tesco said: “We do not have a formal dress code in our stores.

“Colleagues use their common sense and discretion when speaking to customers about this issue.”

Your thoughts

Many Lincolnshire residents have said they are not bothered by what people wear in supermarkets, however some have indicated that it encourages ‘slob behaviour’.

Simon Miles, from Lincolnshire, when asked whether people should be able to wear pyjamas in supermarkets, told Lincolnshire Reporter: “Not during the day should it be allowed.

“Personally, I think it encourages slob behaviour, have some respect for yourself. If you’re going out, put some clothes on!

“Late at night obviously things happen, but come on, walking about all day [in pyjamas], no excuse.”

Debs Bradley added: “I work in a supermarket and the stuff some people wear, makes you wonder.

“Why worry about pjs? They’re still spending good money.”

Charlie Blanche said: “I wouldn’t [go to the supermarket in pyjamas] myself, but I don’t see anything wrong with it!

“Especially early morning or for late night emergencies.”

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