Lincolnshire coastal flood warnings now in force, public told to prepare for possible relocation

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The Environment Agency has officially issued flood warnings for areas of the Lincolnshire coast on Friday.

LIVE: Lincolnshire coast braced for storm surge

Residents of between 3,500 and 4,000 homes located near to the sea defences are being told to take precautions and prepare for the possibility of relocation due to potential risks of a storm surge.

Over 30 flood warnings are currently in place from the Environment Agency.

People in the area are being advised to consider staying with friends or relatives, moving upstairs in their properties or relocating to a rest centre nearby should flooding occur.

Lincolnshire Police Chief Constable and chair of the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum Neil Rhodes spoke to Lincolnshire Reporter this afternoon to give the latest advice from the county’s emergency centre in Lincoln:

“We know that flooding, although it is only a potential risk at this stage, brings with it significant challenges, particularly for those who rely on power for medical equipment, the elderly and parents with young children.

“We are advising residents to be responsible and take action – which could include staying with friends or relatives who live outside of the flood risk area, moving upstairs in your property, or potentially, relocating to a rest centre.

Emergency services have come together at the emergency centre in Lincoln. Photo: Lincolnshire Reporter

“Residents who decide to relocate to a rest centre should, where possible, make their own transport arrangements. Where this isn’t possible, transport will be available from Skegness and Mablethorpe bus stations.

“If you do decide to leave your home, please contact 01522 782230, so we know you are safe.

“Those who live in a single story properties along the coastline i.e. caravans, chalets or bungalows should seriously consider if they could stay with friends or move to a rest centre.”

Lincolnshire rest centre locations

Rest centres are located at:

  • London Road Pavillion, London Road, Louth, LN11 9QP
  • Meridian Leisure Centre, Wood Lane, Louth, LN11 8SA

Neil added: “Some things you may wish to take with you are: prescription medications/latest prescription, pets, phone chargers, children’s essentials (e.g. milk and nappies) and warm clothing.

“If you have pets, which you can’t safely leave at home, we will try to accommodate them at the rest centres – although facilities are limited. Please ensure you have appropriate pet carriers, leads etc.”

Flood warnings

While flooding alerts had been previously issued by the Environment Agency, this has now escalated to include a number of flood warnings.

At the time of writing, 29 flood warnings advising of “immediate action” have been issued, however this number is continuing to grow.

Flood warnings are mainly in place for the Humber and areas of the North Lincolnshire Coast.

The agency warns: “Stormy conditions are forecast, resulting in a large tidal surge moving down the Lincolnshire East Coast on Friday.

“This will lead to high tidal levels along the Humber Estuary. The high tides combined with strong winds could result in large waves and significant overtopping of the sea defences.

Areas of North Lincolnshire currently affected by flood warnings: Environment Agency

“The public are advised to stay away from the coast for their safety.

“Coastal conditions should ease by Sunday, however, we are continuing to monitor the situation and will update this message as the situation changes.

“The tidal gates on the coast have been closed ahead of high tides.

Map: Environment Agency

Extra defences

Agency officials have been joined by 100 soldiers in the area of the Lincolnshire coast and the banks of the River Humber in order to help with preparations and spare the message to communities.

Most recent Met Office forecasts and predictions from the Environment Agency anticipate there will be disruption between high tides (6.30am and 6.30pm), when strong winds could see waves breach the barriers.

The Environment Agency is in the process of strengthening demountable flood defences in Lincolnshire in advance of the morning’s high tide.

Officials shared pictures of the operation ongoing in South Ferriby on social media.

Are you in the area? Get in touch with the news team by contacting [email protected] or calling 01522 837217.

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