Lincolnshire’s top 10 worst parkers of 2016

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Another year is almost over and you have been busy sharing and commenting on some of the worst parking attempts across Lincolnshire in 2016.

Taking a stand against parking peeves, you have contributed to Facebook pages including:  Parking like a t**t in Lincolnshire  and Bad Parkers and Drivers: Exposed.

Here is a list of our top 10 worst parking attempts of 2016:

Plenty of room

Photo: June Flatters

Photo: June Flatters

This driver in Bourne wanted make sure they had enough room around the whole car… so naturally parked over four spaces.

Double whammy

Photo: Harry Whiteside

Photo: Harry Whiteside

Taken in a Scunthorpe car park, these two cars seem to have ignored the lines and started their own trend of parking. We wonder if it will catch on…

Poor attempt

Photo: Toby Wilkinson

Photo: Toby Wilkinson

We think this Grimsby driver’s reverse bay parking needs a little work.

Round the bend

Photo: Emma and Dave Hudson

Photo: Emma and Dave Hudson

Don’t worry. We’re not sure why they’ve parked here like this in Louth either…

Junction parking

Photo: Badly Parked Boston Page

Swineshead. Photo: Badly Parked Boston Page

It is hard to believe but yes, this driver decided to park in the middle of the road at a junction in Swineshead, near Boston.

In a rush for a bargain

Photo: Richard Hare

Photo: Richard Hare

It seems like this van driver was in that much of a rush to grab that bargain at Scunthorpe Toys ‘R’ Us that they forgot how to park.


Photo: Alex Helliwell

Photo: Alex Helliwell

Clearly there were too many spaces free in Louth and the driver couldn’t decide which one to have…

Is that even a space?

Tesco car park, Wragby Road. Photo: Fiona Taylor

This poor disabled driver couldn’t get back in their car in Lincoln thanks to this white car! It’s not even a space…

Horrific parking!

Tesco car park, Boston. Photo: Steve Rollinson

Tesco car park, Boston. Photo: Steve Rollinson

Clearly this Boston van driver got bored half way through turning into the space so just left it. It’s just lazy really.

Eager to get on the beach

Cleethorpes Photo: David Goldthorpes

Cleethorpes Photo: David Goldthorpes

Clearly in a rush for an ice cream and a ride on the helter-skelter in Cleethorpes, this driver forgot that you’re not supposed to park on the path.

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