Mum accuses police of doing nothing after van men steal pug from Billinghay family home

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Update 4.30pm Wednesday, November 2: Puggy has been reunited with his family after officers from Newark Police located him.

A disgusted mum-of-four has accused Lincolnshire Police of doing nothing to find her stolen pug, even though she claims to have given them the numberplate for the van he was taken in and the address of where the dog is believed to be being held.

Vera Smyth, 39, of Billinghay, has said that two-year-old Ellie or ‘Puggy’ will die if she is not cared for, and has implored officers to act on the information she has given them.

Vera has said that her children will be devastated if Puggy is not returned home

Vera has said that her children will be devastated if Puggy is not returned home

Puggy was bought as a present for her four children, three of whom have been diagnosed with autism.

The pug/Jack Russell cross escaped from Vera’s front garden on Mill Close on Thursday, October 27, and was stolen by two thieves loitering in the neighbourhood.

The thieves grabbed Puggy before apparently laughing at Vera’s stepdaughter Cherie, 19, and driving off.

Vera called Lincolnshire Police and has been spending hours driving around trying to find the pug.

A woman has contacted Vera saying she knows where the pug is being kept.

However, Vera has said that police have not yet looked into the incident.

She said: “She will die if she’s not being properly looked after. I don’t have days to wait and take the risk, she needs to be brought home today.

“It will destroy my children if she’s not found, or if she doesn’t survive. All I want is for someone to help us.”

Inspector Marc Gee of Lincolnshire Police said: “We are conducting enquiries around the information we have been given to try to identify any possible location for the stolen dog or the offenders.”

Anyone with any information should contact 101.

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