Grimsby man branded with iron when he refused to have sex with violent girlfriend

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A Grimsby man physically and psychologically tortured after 18 months of vicious attacks carried out by his seven stone girlfriend will aim to provide hope for other victims of domestic abuse when he gives a speech later this month.

Businessman Ian McNicholl, 54, was branded with an iron and had burning cigarettes pushed up his nostrils each time he refused to have sex with his violent ex-partner Michelle Williamson.

Ian was also bludgeoned with a bar, hit with a hammer and smashed in the face with a phone during the abusive relationship.

He even had boiling water poured over his groin by his sadistic partner.

Ian was left with a fractured skull, broken cheekbones, a smashed nose, and cracked ribs following the repeated attacks.

Williamson, 45, was jailed for seven years in 2009 and Ian has decided to speak out over the incessant horrific abuse he suffered.

He said: “There was never any remorse. She’d do it, then send me out for cigarettes – she definitely got off on it.

She’d rant ‘You don’t love me enough, you have five minutes to be ready for sex’.

“That, of course, is the last thing on your mind. Then she’d say ‘You now have four minutes, three minutes…

“At the end of five minutes she’d blocked out what she had done.”

Ian will speak about his harrowing experiences at a Surviving Domestic Abuse seminar at Bescot Stadium, Walsall, on Wednesday, November 16.

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