Badger ends up in deep trouble after falling 5ft into empty Lincolnshire swimming pool

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RSPCA inspectors were called out to rescue a stranded badger that had fallen into an empty Lincolnshire swimming pool.

The distressed animal was stuck after falling 5ft into the hole which had been dug to form the base for the swimming pool at a house in Amber Hill, near Boston.

RSPCA inspector Becky Harper helped capture the badger and set him free.

She said: ““This poor badger had got himself into deep trouble!

“It had been raining and the weather had been very wet so the poor badger was rather bedraggled and shivering.

“He was cowering in the corner and, although uninjured, was clearly very distressed as he couldn’t get himself out. Who knows how long he’d been trapped down there?

“I initially tried to capture him using a crate but he was very reluctant to come near it so, as he had no obvious injuries which needed attention, I decided the best and least stressful option for him was to help him clamber out himself.

“We gathered up a number of wooden pallets and built a pile leading up to ground-level so the badger could climb up and escape himself.”

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