Live: Boston anti-immigration EDL protest

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The English Defence League are holding an anti-immigration protest in Boston on Lincolnshire Day.

The group will march through the town centre from midday, calling on the government to begin Brexit negotiations and for immigration to be drastically reduced in the town.

An anti-racism counter-protest was cancelled at the last minute by organisers.

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As reported previously, a counter protest was cancelled after organisers decided the action would be “wrong and hypocritical”.

1st October 2016 12:14pm

EDL supporter are beginning to gather as the march gets underway.

1st October 2016 12:14pm

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1st October 2016 1:06pm

The march has officially begun through the streets of Boston. ‘Invoke Article 50’ is their message. 

1st October 2016 1:19pm

“Refugees are welcome in this country. There’s no room for fascism”, shouts a local dad in response to the protestors. 

1st October 2016 1:20pm

Visit the Lincolnshire Reporter Facebook page to watch a live video of the protest. Many people clashing with EDL supporters.

1st October 2016 1:24pm

“Teach peace”, one anti-racism protestor writes in chalk in front of the EDL group’s demonstration. 

1st October 2016 1:32pm

“Article 50 is the only way to stop the surge of invasion”, shouts the EDL demonstrator.

“The Otoman empire has been trying to invade Europe over the last hundred years”, he added against shouts of “lefties”.

One onlooker shouted back: “I’d rather be a lefty than a racist.”

1st October 2016 1:39pm

Comments made about women and burkas spark verbal debates. 

One man defends the EDL supporters: “You people aren’t true patriots”.

1st October 2016 1:43pm

Watch our video of the scene as anti-immigration and anti-racism protestors clash:

1st October 2016 1:54pm

1st October 2016 2:05pm

1st October 2016 2:05pm