East Lindsey

East Lindsey residents to see 60% rise in green waste charges from 2017

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Charges for green waste services in East Lindsey are set to rise by £15 per year from 2017.

Following a consultation with subscribers to the green waste service and the wider-community, the district council has agreed to charge £40 per year for 21 collections.

The charge, which has risen from £25 per year,  will mean the service is self-funding in the future and will be fixed for four years with collections reduced between November and March.

In the recent consultation, respondents were given the choice of four options for the green waste service that focused on reducing the subsidy provided to support the service, as well as being able to put forward their own proposal.

Currently, green waste services cost the council £1,246,000 per year to operate and generates £800,000 of income, meaning there is a shortfall of £446,000.

This shortfall has been met through council tax, government funding and other income the council generates.

Over the next four years the council needs to reduce its annual £18m running costs by £6m as government funding to support local services continues to reduce. This means the council won’t be able to afford to subsidise all the services it does now.

Portfolio Holder for Operational Services Councillor Sandra Harrison said: “I am pleased we’re able to take forward the option that was most supported in the consultation and the council will be implementing this when those who require the service renew their subscription in early 2017.”

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