Adorable kittens found dumped in Grimsby woods

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A pair of 12-week-old kittens have been discovered dumped in a box in Bradley Woods near Grimsby.

This comes a year after a white litter of four was found in the same area.

The kittens have been handed in to the Blue Cross animal hospital in the town centre.


The kittens have been named Toulouse and Duchess.

The box was discovered in the middle of Bradley Woods in Grimsby and the kittens are around one year apart in age.

The pair have been named Toulouse and Duchess after characters in the film ‘Aristocats’.

When they are healthy enough they will be transferred to a rehoming centre where new homes will be found.


The two kittens were found in the same spot as their ‘siblings’ were last year.

The charity is caring for the hungry kittens and treating them for flea problems and possible cat flu – similar health issues their suspected dumped siblings were treated for 12 months ago.

Faith Woodcock, hospital manager at Grimsby and owner of one of the cats from the earlier dumped litter, said: “It is very suspicious that another litter has been dumped in this way, in the same place and that they look identical, all white with distinctive grey markings on their head.

“Blue Cross offers eligible clients neutering for their pet and we’re always here to help so there is no need to just dump pets like this.”

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