Louth gaming addict gran receives life-changing eye surgery

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A grandmother with a passion for video games has had life-changing surgery to save her eyesight.

Bridget Odlin, from Louth, discovered her poor eyesight often hampered her on-screen adventures with action hero Lara Croft.

Now, Bridget, 72, can enjoy playing her action games after consultant ophthalmic surgeon Milind Pande corrected her vision in both eyes earlier this year.

Bridget says the surgery has given her a "new lease of life."

Bridget says the surgery has given her a “new lease of life.”

Bridget endured poor eyesight all her life, which progressively deteriorated.

She also developed cataracts, an age-related condition which eventually affects every person during their lives when the lenses in the eyes are worn out.

After “putting it off”, Bridget decided to go to Milind Pande and he recommended lens replacement surgery.

Bridget has said that the operation has given her “a new lease of life”.

She said:

“It is utterly fantastic and I can’t tell you the joy I feel not having to fumble about for my glasses just to see.

“So many times I would end up with conditioner on my hair instead of shampoo because I couldn’t read the bottles. I had to wear my glasses in the shower.”

“Mr Pande reassured me there would be no pain at all and all I could see was a kaleidoscope of colour. I didn’t feel a thing.

“The difference was outstanding from the very next morning. I was in the shower and I could actually see.”

Milind Pande added: “The prime reason for carrying out lens replacement surgery is to improve vision without glasses.

“If we use the analogy of the camera for the eye, when the lens is scratched and dirty, we use the operation to change the lens and also to refocus the camera.”


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