Council bans ‘boy racers’ from Lincolnshire airfield

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Boy racers have been banned from gathering at a Lincolnshire airfield after causing a repeated nuisance to residents.

North Kesteven District Council has introduced the Public Space Protection Order at Metheringham airfield to stop it being used as a racetrack, giving the land back to the majority of the public who want to use it responsibly.

The decision was taken after the council and Lincolnshire Police received complaints about anti-social behaviour, including the site being used by drivers carrying out stunts, sometimes putting themselves and others at risk of serious injury.

As many as 100 cars have been reported to be on the airfield at one time and there has also been reports of off-road bikes using the area as a practice site.

Now, the PSPO will prevent motor vehicle gatherings, speeding or racing, obstruction of the highway, racing, convoys or stunts, causing risk or harm to people or property and causing undue annoyance from amplified music.

Anyone found to be breaking the order faces a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) which can be given out by council officers, police and PCSOs, or court action.

Councillor Mike Gallagher, NKDC Executive Board Member with responsibility for Community Safety, said: “Such behaviour cannot be tolerated, not only are the perpetrators putting themselves at risk of injury, they’re potentially putting law-abiding members of the public in harm’s way.

“We want people to be freely able to use open spaces in the district without fear of injury and will take steps to ensure this happens.”

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