Boston man fined for inciting child to engage in pornography

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A Boston father of two persuaded a teenage girl to send him a photograph of her breasts after the pair exchanged explicit messages on Facebook, Lincoln Crown Court was told.

Jason Dukes received the photograph of the 17-year-old and in return sent her a video of himself masturbating.

Jonathon Dee, prosecuting, said the offence came to light after the teenager’s boyfriend spotted the messages and told the girl’s mother.

Police were informed and Dukes was later arrested and charged.

Dee told the court: “This girl was vulnerable with psychological problems.

“The defendant was in contact with her on Facebook. There was chat between them including considerable flirting and highly sexualised conduct. There was nothing illegal in that but he crossed the boundary when he asked her for photographs.

“She provided photographs of her breasts and in return he sent a video of himself masturbating.

“The girl’s mother feels disgusted by what the defendant had done. Her daughter was vulnerable and Dukes had taken advantage.”

Dukes, 40, of Jubilee Avenue, Boston, admitted a charge of inciting a child to engage in pornography. He was fined £300 in court on Wednesday, September 28.

Michael Cranmer-Brown, in mitigation, described the incident as “an unsavoury case”.

He told the court: “We are in a somewhat bizarre situation. He could have met up with the girl and could have engaged in sexual activity with her and it wouldn’t have been an offence.

“He never met her and he never actually spoke to her.

“The Facebook messages were just messages. He obviously got carried away by the situation and let himself down very badly and the whole thing got completely out of hand. He acknowledges that and he regrets what happened.”

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