Anti-racists to hold counter-demonstration against Boston EDL march

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Anti-racists are set to stage a counter-demonstration against the far-right English Defence League protest in Boston next month.

As previously reported, the EDL will march through Boston town centre on October 1, calling on the government to begin Brexit negotiations and for immigration to be drastically reduced in the town.

Now, a Boston against hate and racism group has been set up, to hold a counter-protest against the EDL.

The group will hold a “static peaceful protest”, aiming to voice an alternate view of change, respect, equality, integration, and progression in Boston.

People wishing to go on the counter-demonstration can meet at 11.45am on October 1 outside the Boston’s main park entrance near Prezzo for the protest.

A spokesperson for the group said: “Boston is full of divides and segregation, but this page is hopefully an aid to help heal wounds.

“We definitely don’t need the far right English Defence League to stir the pot and claim they represent us.

“They are a hateful, strongly racist, violent organisation.

“Whatever end of the political, social, or race spectrum you’re on if you wish to support a message of peaceful change, anti-hate, and attempt to heal deep wounds please join us to counter demonstrate.

“Change shouldn’t be voiced by the EDL, it should be by us genuine fair Boston people.”

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