Top five crazy contraptions by Stamford inventor Colin Furze

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Crazy inventor Colin Furze has built a number of contraptions at his family home in Stamford.

Check out our top five out-of-this-world inventions, which Colin has documented on his Youtube channel:

5,000 shot firework deathstar

For this project, Colin used 58 boxes of fireworks, with 87 shots in each box, which were all electronically wired together.

This created 5,000 firework explosions all in a sequence, with some amazing results.

The firework deathstar was built to celebrate Colin’s three million subscribers to his Youtube channel.

Flamethrower guitar and smoking bass

Colin built both a flame-throwing guitar and a bass guitar which released smoke and flashed.

The guitar has a pressurised gas chamber attached, which is controlled by Intel Curie circuit board and allows the users to shoot fire out of the guitar at the press of the button.

The bass has a built-in smoke machine and strobe lights.

Homemade hoverbike

This contraption has no steering or brakes but does have two accelerators.

This hoverbike can drive without touching the ground but unfortunately for Colin doesn’t have a seat!

Colin said: “That is the most outrageous thing I have ever ridden and it has been an interesting project.

“Feeling lift for the first time was such a strange feeling. There have been many different designs of shapes and frames.

“Then eventually we started seeing some results and it started to get off the ground.”

Remote-control wheelie bin

Colin built the remote control wheelie bin by attaching an electric wheelchair to the wheelie bin, with two batteries and two motors.

The joystick from the chair is used to operates the bin through two servos.

Colin said: “What a lovely machine. You can stick your bin out without even stepping outside.”

360 degrees swing

This 360 degree swing is 18ft tall and was built in Colin’s back garden.

The axle, which Colin stands on to spin him around is just over 16ft long.

Colin said: “Well, it makes me feel sick but it is brilliant.

“With just 25kg counter weight you can swing until you feel sick.

“Towering 9.5m above the ground with nothing to stop you falling of is not for everyone but you great a great view.”

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