Residents raise concerns over dirty nappies and dog mess on Skegness beaches

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A frustrated Skegness resident has described his anger at a rise in dirty nappies and dog mess being left on beaches in the town over the last few weeks.

Michael Patrick, who has lived in Skegness with his wife and children for two years, told Lincolnshire Reporter that walks with the family on the beach have been continually ruined by litter over the summer season.

He said: “It’s not just the holidaymakers that do it, but there’s so much more mess than when the holidaymakers aren’t here.

“I witness it every day – people allowing their dogs to foul on the beach and they leave it buried in the sand, baby nappies and dog foul all over the promenade and all along the roads. Roman Bank being the worst for it.”

Michael has said that there is no reason for people to not use the bins provided as many of them are not filled.

Despite this, he does feel that more bins need to be provided around the town.

We have lived here for two years and all we seem to do is help tidy up after everyone else.

“It’s not just down to the council to keep the place tidy it’s down to every single person who walks along the town, the beach and any street.”


East Lindsey District Council said that it employs wardens to attempt to address anti-social behaviour by dog owners.

However, the authority said that an increase in litter during the summer was “inevitable”.

The council’s Neighbourhoods Manager, Danny Wilson said: “The Cleansing Team in Skegness begin operations from 6.30am daily to cleanse the beach, promenade and surrounding areas to ensure the resort is clean for visitors and residents.

The resort is at its busiest time of year and litter is unfortunately inevitable.

“There are a large number of clearly visible bins in these areas which are emptied regularly and signs asking people to dispose of their rubbish responsibly.

“Unfortunately, careless behaviour by a minority of people means that litter is left behind, or dropped rather than placed in the bins.

“This is an issue which affects all resorts at all times of the year especially during peak visitor season; however the increase in levels of litter collected from the resort are no more than expected for this time of year.”

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