“Disgusting!” Man caught on camera taking a dump in a bag in Skegness

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A shocked Skegness resident has taken a picture of a man appearing to have a poo in a bag while standing on a pavement in the town.

Jordan James posted the picture in the ‘Skegness Skegness Skegness’ Facebook page on the evening of Tuesday, August 30.

He said: “I was just walking down Burgh Road and what I have just seen is completely disgusting.

“I had my little nephew with me. What is this world coming to? There was a petrol station over the road with toilets in.”

Other users were also quick to have their say, with many claiming that the man was homeless.

Julian Collis-Smith said: “It’s unbelievable – kids walking up and down that road all day long, they don’t need to see that, nobody does.”

Karen Cuppleditch said: “If he had looked across the road he would have seen a mobile portable toilet.”

Dave Hull added: “He’s just ruined his ‘bag for life’.”

Sam Allison simply said: “That’s sick.”

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