Child apologises for hoax 999 call with adorable letter

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A child has sent an adorable apology letter to East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) after making a hoax 999 call.

The child, from Leicester, who sent the letter apologised for making the hoax call, saying they understands how serious it was and promises to ‘never ever do it again.’

The letter from the child gave three reasons as to why you shouldn’t make a hoax call, including:

  • Because you will get a fine
  • You will get really told off by the people of the phone
  • It could stop someone else who needs help

Pauline Tagg, Chairman at East Midlands Ambulance Service said: “It was lovely to open this letter of apology.

“This child has clearly realised their mistake and has listed three great reasons as to why they won’t call again unless it’s an emergency. I particularly like the third reason.”

A serious message

EMAS could not give an exact figure as to how many hoax calls they receive every year, but say it is important that parents explain to children when you should make a 999 call.

Pauline added: “We do often receive hoax calls and it’s not always clear that the call isn’t genuine until our ambulance crew arrive on scene.

“It’s really important that parents spend time explaining to their children when to call 999.”

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